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Over 50 years of combined experience in the petroleum industry

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Petro technologies is well established organisation with talented team individuals holding decades of experience in Petroleum industry.

Mr. Omer Beltagy founder of Petro Technologies and Era Analytics Group had a dream to build a Value productive business platform in Middle East and Africa region where we can provide total exceptional solution to the hydrocarbon process industry customers in this special challenging and competitive part of the world.

Experienced and competent team

With our experience, technical and technology knowledge and being involved with most of international petroleum authority bodies and latest developments gave us the advantage of being able to support our clients not only by supplying them best available products, technologies and services but also by providing them competent technical consultations which always customers benefit of by reaching effeceint and productive solution at more economic prices which meets with the current global cost reduction trend.

Petro technologies has gained a reputation we are proud of and grown rapidly from being a tiny establishment to multi-million dollars company , we innovated our way to the top.


Being market and industry focused organisation with dedicated team and resources made us perfect and solid partner not only to our clients to benefit of our services but also to most of market leading manufacturing global suppliers to cope with very close to our clients more than anytime before.

Petro technologies operates through a head office in Dubai, UAE with 450sqm training, demo facility and satellite offices around the region to have a perfect geographical customer’s coverage reaching our response time, customer breakdown time, delivery times to best level.

Being exceptionally Focused and Competent organization by raising our level in every business related aspects to the maximum, let our clients benefit of our competency driving us to a long dated Successful Business

To achieve our vision successfully, we had to set our strategy, allocate a reasonable investment funds and define our corporate road map precisely, our strategy been always not to risk quality and make sure to have best team , cooperate with best manufacturers and suppliers of petroleum testing equipment and build a business HUB in Dubai as a most developed, business Center , attractive and located Close to all our clients in the entire region.

Over the past years we been successful to hire a high quality team members , develope an exclusive contracts with the most High end Global Suppliers to petroleum industry and then our investments played an important rule to achieve our vision where continuously we spend in providing all neccessary trainings to our different team members to grow their level to the highest possible each in his or her discipline, On other hand we been able to build a 450sqm business hub at Dubai airport free zone as one of the most peivilige business places in the region with a decent training facility and Demo laboratory as well as a huge storage facility.

We have expanded our geographical coverage by forming more satellite offices around the whole region , Innovative Era analytics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabi and Era analytics in Cairo, Egypt.

Resulting of such efforts, investments and hardwork, Petro technologies grown rapidly as ONE STOP SHOP to the petroleum industry and become a leading preferable supplier to all key customers in the region making business successful which meets with our long term business vision.

Meet Petro Technologies Professionals

Our Team

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Omer Beltagy

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Founder and CEO of Petro Technologies, Omer greatly value working towards a sustainable future. He holds over 22 years of experience in Business – Sales Marketing and Strategic Management, he is also a voting member in the ASTM organization committee D02 petroleum products under membership no 2119502 and with his Chemistry technical background and intensive experience in the Hydrocarbon Process Industry (HPI), Omer establish Petro Technologies as One Stop Shop of High End Petroleum Solutions to HPI market segment in the Region ,An organization that is dedicated to providing unparalleled partnership with suppliers and customers in this dynamic industry.

Support & Service Manager

Shady Ali

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Shady has extensive working knowledge in physical and chemical laboratory equipment, specializing on Gas chromatography.  He leads the technical team in identifying instrument failures and providing detailed failure analysis in the field to help improve overall field efficiency, customer satisfaction and drive improvement solutions.

Executive Manager

Jovie Diosana

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Jovie comes from a corporate background with 5years working experience for a large organization. She is well versed in all aspects of office administration and over all operations. She has been working side by side with the company CEO providing organizational support to the company. This gives her a great overview of various departments and has lead to a diverse skill range.

Sr. Admin Officer

Berlieme Plando

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Berlieme has worked in a number of administrative roles. She is highly customer-focused with excellent interpersonal skills.  She is proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, QuickBooks system, and many other packages. She puts her skills to a good use working in operations, handling customer’s orders and concern as well as providing clerical support to the management.

Admin Officer

Mary Jane

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Mary has combined Customer Service and Administrative experience. She has strong organization skills with a problem-solving attitude. She pro-actively and cooperatively works with the team to provide constant and efficient support to the company. She is proficient with various office management software like Microsoft Office.


Erika Amanda Berdon

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Erika started her career in professional service firms as Associate Accountant. She studied Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Technology having a professional certification as Certified Bookkeeper and Registered Cost Accountant. Erika Amanda Berdon joined Petro Technologies on December 2018 providing Finance and Accounting functions.

Application & Support Specialist

Marlen Saniel

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Marlen has a solid experience on handling laboratory equipment’s for both physical and chemical analysis. She provides support to field engineers and customers by answering questions on function and technical aspects of the concerned product.

Logistics Officer

Adrian Miranda

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Adrian is responsible for inbound and outbound transportation of our products. Being a keen to detail person, he manages to stay on top to practice correct procedures need to be taken and adhere to trade agreement in order to support the flow of goods between the point of origin and the end-customer. He planned, organized, and carried out all logistics readiness functions including asset visibility and inventory.

Service Engineer

Muhammad Adeel

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Adeel has a strong background on both preventive and corrective maintenance for both physical and chemical laboratory analyzers. He is a well-experienced instrumentation Engineer on oil refinery.

Service & Support Specialist

Walid Eid

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Walid has 13 years experience in the industry. He specializes in physical scientific laboratory equipment. He has performed preventative maintenance and repair of Petro Technologies supplied instruments at various customer laboratories throughout the MENA region.

Service Engineer

Ahmed Elnady

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Ahmed has solid experience in scientific, QA/QC and analytical instruments for in process, refinery of Petrochemicals in Middle East. He holds an extensive experience in handling sales and service of various petroleum instruments.

Inside Office Sales Support Manager

Shaimaa Adel

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Shaimaa has 5 years experience in administrative role working in petroleum industry. She is responsible in monitoring the order cycle as well as overall work operations in our Egypt branch.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Belal Abouzaid

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Belal studied BSC in Science Chemistry and Microbiology. Has a 12 years experience on sales & marketing of laboratory equipment’s for oil and Petrochemicals industry. He creates strong bridge between the client and company. Knows how to get the job done by the sales team.

Service Engineer

Islam Eldegheidy

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Working 10 years as service engineer & application support for both Chemical analyzers & physical properties equipment, Islam has a good chemistry background that give him the ability to develop lot of analytical. He installed a lot of instruments which serves petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Sales Support Specialist

Asmaa Abdel Hamid

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Asmaa has excellent technical, analytical and interpersonal skills with a sales working experience. She is the subject matter expert and respondent to customer product inquiries promoting product familiarity.

Service Enginner

Elsayed Elamir

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Elsayed is an experienced service engineer with more than 10 years experience in scientific instruments. He is knowledgeable and well equipped engineer working in the chromatography field. Have a solid chemistry background and well experienced in scientific instruments installation, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance.

Senior Accountant

Ahmed Samy

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Ahmed has more than 10 years of general accounting experience, ensures the integrity of accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions.

Our Clients


Support Case Studies

Case Study 1

In 2015; one of our privilege customers procured an Automatic Total oil and Grease (TOG) & total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) tester model Era Check, instrument was running perfectly for more than 3 years, customer started to experience some abnormal problems due to the damage of some critical parts, Petro technologies took the immediate action by repairing the unit at the shortest, however due to some critical parts needed to be order from the factory and since we always take the ownership of our customer’s workflow, therefore we did ship one of our available Demo units to be used while the unit under repair gets back to service, in few weeks unit was back to service and customer was happy, unfortunately and after almost another 2 years and as exceptional case unit started to breakdown in frequent basis, immediately and after almost 5 years of instrument procurement petro technologies has decided to replace the unit by a brand NEW unit of the latest model Era Check Eco according to latest available international standards ASTM D8193 Method at NO cost to our client and finally we have a fully satisfied Client!

Case Study 2

Saudi Aramco as one of the leading petroleum and petrochemical companies around the globe and major customer of ours, One of Aramco plants  has an old XOS MWDXRF analyser procured from us several years back for the critical trace sulfur analysis in hydrocarbons, after almost 5 years troublefree operation  this unit required repair and customer was relying on this unit in their certification and it was really horrible situation to customer to have this unit out of service even for single day, since  we realized how its important to our customer to have NO down time especially for such critical analysis, we had immediately ship a Demo unit to run at customer laboratory till the other unit gets repaired and made sure our client analysis never got compromised , customer was very satisfied and had appreciated our exceptional initiative and support level , few months later this exceptional support paid off and customer ordered 2 NEW units from us!

Case Study 3

One of our Key export Customers had a missing instrument in their laboratory for the Filter blocking tendency (FPT) pf Diesel fuel test according to ASTM D2068 , they have 3 ships travel monthly to their Client and since this test was mandatory for the diesel product certification to such customer, they had to pay short of penalty charges to their client which is worth $$$, customer has decided to procure the necessary instrument but unfortunately standard procurement process is a quite lengthy and might take 2-3 month from date of initiation, customer has shared with us his dilemma and in 2 weeks time we had upfront supplied customer Our unique stanhope seta MFT unit according to ASTM D2068 followed by professional successful installation by one of our support team and customer was able to perform analysis as per the agreement with their client saving lots of money and we got the unit ordered by customer in 3 month time, finally we had a very happy customer and we both never forgot such unlimited level of support !

Case Study 4

One of our international customers has had a service issue in one of their critical devices belong to our cannon Instrument product’s portfolio which was for some reason troubleshooted by an unauthorized and untrained engineer from one of the other known service provider’s , unfortunately the problem was defined wrongly and such engineer advised customer to procure a very costly part to get the instrument repaired and back to service, customer has approached us to procure this part, despite it’s an after market sales opportunity for us, but we have preferred to send our engineer to have a look at the instrument before we accept to submit our commercial offer, our well trained engineer was able to fix the problem on spot and instrument was back to service on the same day with zero cost to our customer, we were so happy being able to get customer workflow uninterrupted and to save our customer significant investment , on other hand our client was very grateful to us and this has strengthens our business relationship.

Case Study 5

A key international lubricating oil Additives Client has procured our Cannon Instrument fully automatic Kinematic viscosity tester CAV 4.2, after 3 years of trouble free operation, customer has got a little service issue which required a spare part replacement to get the instrument back to service , despite the instrument was out of warrantee , but since such customer has realized the unique difference between our CAV 4.2 and all other existing Viscosity devices available in the market and has decided to procure our instrument during the purchase process, therefore and as usual in perfect collaboration with CANNON we have decided to take the ownership and replace this part as goodwill, customer was so happy from our approach and again we have got another loyal customer added to the list.

What our clients say about us


Exxon Mobil – Saved my business

I would like to cascade EME appreciation to your esteemed company ERA Analytics and your reliable team for the high competency and level of Support to EME laboratory at Asher lubricant plant through (maintaining, calibrating and knowledge sharing trainings) offered by Era Analytics in the past period.

Specifically for our C.C.S equipment CANON CCS2100F model, which is critical Instrument to our operations solving a crucial malfunction in the equipment in only one visit with cost avoidance ~ 120 KEGP of spare parts not needed also in addition to avoiding equipment down time which could have cost us business disruptions.

Accordingly again thank you and Era Analytics team for the support and fast response to ExxonMobil Egypt favor, which makes Era analytic not only a reliable vendor but also a business partner.

Amr MagdySaadeldin
Product Quality Assurance Manager
Asher LOBP Midstream, Global Lubricants Operations
ExxonMobil Egypt (S.A.E)


Saudi Aramco YR – absolute Spot on

We would like to thank your team for the exceptional level of support, competency and spot on response to support Yanbu Refinery laboratory which contributed in our equipment’s downtime improvement to the minimum

In return we shall do our level best to maintain but extend our healthy business relationship with petro tech for our both organizations mutual benefit

Thanks again and with success

Abduallh AL Banni
YR Lab Scientist


Knpc – the right investment

With reference to the equipment’s of your portfolio supplied to our laboratory (CANNON, TANAKA, eralytics, XOS, etc), we really would like to highlight our appreciation on these high quality products performance , robustness and your team level of support and we believe these instruments are a right investments for our laboratory where it contributed to increase our lab productivity and operation improvement.

Thanks again and wish to continue such good win-win business relationship with Petro Tech

Mohammad Ahmad Abbas Al-Kandari
Team Leader, Lab Services


Chevron – Best decision ever

I would like to thank you and your team for the high flexibility , technicality and professionality in cannon CCS installation at SC Egypt laboratory and hoping all of success for you and your team in the future.
Please pass my thanking and best wishes to your team.

Abd El-Khalek El-Sayed
Lab Team Lead- Chevron Egypt Lubricants S.A.E


ADNCO Offshore – A Great Experience

It been a great experience to deal with Petro-Tech with different products at our Zirku laboratory, wonderful service, such a great support, everyone is knowledgeable and extremely helpful, I highly recommend Petro-Tech.
I would like to thank all their team members and assure it will be our pleasure to continue such business relationship with Petro-Tech where we always have an ideal Win-Win Scenario.

Abdel Hamed El Shemy
A.Q/C team leader, ADNCO Offshore

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Petro TechnologiesHeadquarters
Dubai Airport Free Zone
Behind Dubai International Airport (Terminal 2) LIU B03
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El Merag El Elwy / Carrefour, El Maadi Building no. 6056 P.O. Box 256, Maadi 11728, Cairo – Egypt
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