A customer application support service where we not only maintain our customer’s equipment but also develop new applications...

With our team of experts, exposed to latest technologies and in direct connection to the different International Agencies (e.g. ASTM, EPA, etc.) as well as various high ranking research institutes; Petro Tech has developed a customer application support service where not only do we maintain our customer’s equipments but also develop new applications for our customers on their existing instruments. We also test and validate such applications then implement them. We let our customers make the most use of their instrument, saving them money in procuring another capital instrument.

Please feel free to register yourself in our Application Development Club (ADC) where our application team will share any new developed application related to your industry.

For registration, please fill the form below and as soon as your registration is approved you shall receive an email confirmation congratulating you to join Petro Tech Application Development Club (ADC).