Automated Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
Model atg-8 is an automated Tag Closed Cup flash point tester.
In addition to model atg-8w with conventional water bath, model atg-8l with metal block bath is available for low temperature range.
The cooling / heating for model atg-8l is by liquid cooled Peltier modules. (Model atg-8l requires an optional chiller.)

Technical Specifications

Test Methods ASTM D56, IP 304, JIS K2265-1
Measuring Range ambient to +95°C for atg-8w
-20°C to +95°C for atg-8l (with an optional chiller)
Ignition source Gas flame or Electric Coil
Temperature Sensor PT-100 in stainless steel sheath
Flash Detector CRC Thermocouple
Electrical specifications 100/120VAC or 220/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimension 230 × 470 × 390 mm
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