The Automated Side of Flash Point Testing
The latest addition to eralytics’ flash point tester series combines safest measurement with a 10-position autosampler. The intrinsically safe CCCFP methods ASTM D7094 and ASTM D6450 are ideal for unattended measurements.

Technical Specifications

Available Test Methods ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094
Pre-Programmed Correlation Methods to… Pensky Martens Closed Cup: ASTM D93, EN ISO 2719, DIN 51758, IP 34, JIS K2265
TAG Closed Cup: ASTM D56
Abel Pensky Closed Cup: ISO 13736, IP 170
Small Scale Closed Cup and Flash / No Flash methods: EN ISO 3679, EN ISO 3680, ASTM D3828
Sample Volume 1 mL (ASTM D6450), 2 mL (ASTM D7094)
Electrical specifications Auto-switching 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, max. 150 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Field application: 12 V DC (vehicle battery) adapter available
Dimension 300x 270x 430 mm
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