Vapor Pressure Testing at its best

ERAVAP is the ultimate vapor pressure tester for all types of liquids, from gasoline to LPG, as well as crude oil, solvents, fragrances and polymers. Its piston based measuring principle performs tests in full compliance with the latest standards. With its integrated quality control mode, unmatched precision, stability, and measuring range it is the ideal solution for routine measurements in laboratories or in the field, as well as for R&D applications.

Technical Specifications

Available test methods: ASTM D5188, D5191, D6377, D6378, D6897, EN13016-1, EN13016-2, EN13016-3 ,IP394, IP409, IP481, JIS K2258-2, SHT 0769, SHT 0794, SNT 2932, GOST 52340 freely programmable methods EPA / CARB / US Military & NATO reference methods, TVP measurement VP-V/L Speed TestTM – Combined T(V/L) and vapor pressure measurement
Correlation to… ASTM D323, ASTM D1267, ASTM D2533, ASTM D4953, ASTM D5190, ASTM D5482, ASTM D2879 (optional low vapor pressure extension)
Fuel Specification: ASTM D910, D1655, D4814, D6227, EN 228
Electrical specifications Auto-switching 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, max. 340 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Dimension Analyzer: 700 x 500 x 500 mm Sample conditioning system (per stream): 300 x 850 x 150 mm
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