HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig)

High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) is a microprocessor-controlled reciprocating friction and wear test system which provides a fast, repeatable assessment of the performance of fuels and lubricants.

Technical Specifications

The recognised international standard tests: CEC F-06-A-96, ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688, ISO 12156-1, BS EN 590, JPI-5S-50-98, IP 450/2000
Frequency 10 to 200 Hz
Stroke 20 µm to 2.0 mm
Load 0 to 1.0 kg with supplied weights
Electrical specifications Universal (100 – 230 V)
Dimension Control Unit: 300 x 400 x 150 mm

Mechanical Unit: 150 x 225mm

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