Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds
ERASPEC is eralytics’ industry-proven multi-fuel analyzer with several thousand installations worldwide. It offers measurements of fuel component concentrations and of complex parameters like RON or cetane number for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and even specialized fuels like ethanol fuels.

Technical Specifications

Available Test Methods ASTM D5845, ASTM D6277, ASTM D7777, ASTM D7806, EN 238, EN 14078, ISO 15212, IP 559
Measurement Cell 20 µm and / or 100 µm path length cell, reference cell
Optimized dual or triple position cell design for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel measurements
Spectrometer Type Patented mid-FTIR spectrometer
Laser and temperature controlled design
Electrical specifications Auto-switching 85 – 264 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz, max. 150 W (multi-voltage power supply) Field application: 12 V DC (vehicle battery) adapter available
Dimension 290 x 350 x 340 mm
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