FOAM Digital Detection Imaging
The all new patent-pending FoamDDI eliminates the need for sample manipulation and critical timing involved with manual foam height determinations. Using a patent pending heating and cooling system with a vision algorithm and automation, the FoamDDI, records, calculates and displays accurate results with little to no operation bias determinations in minutes!

Technical Specifications

Test Methods BS 2000 Part 156, ASTM D892, FTM 791-3211, IP 146, ISO 6247
Sequence 1, 2, & 3
Detection Method Digital Video Detection
Display Units mL of FOAM, Video, and Time
Measuring Time Method and Sequence Dependent (Typically <1 hr.)
Electrical specifications Auto-switching 90 ~ 264VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz, 280 Watt Power Supply
Dimension 350x300x270mm
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