On-site Fuel Stability and Compatibility Tester
AD Systems has developed a portable / on-site / on-board fully automated instrument for stability and compatibility testing of heavy fuel oil. On board a vessel, a good way to measure the compatibility of marine fuels, including residual and distillate fuels is the ASTM D4740 spot test.

Technical Specifications

Test Methods ASTM D4740
ASTM D4740 rating From 1 to 5
Test mode Programmable: Fuel Stability ; FuelCompatibility
Oven temperature 100°C for the filter paper ; 93°C for the fuel ; Resolution 0.1°C, precision ±0.2°C
Results storage Up to 100 000 results
Electrical specifications 115 to 230V – 2A – 50/60Hz
Dimension  420 x 350 x 222 mm
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