NSX-2100V Total Nitrogen, Sulfur and Halogen analysis

The NSX-2100V Elemental Analyser can measure nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine in gases and LPG. The modular system allows to setup an instrument that specifically meets customers needs for high end performance, robustness, stability and reliability.

Technical Specifications

Test Methods ASTM D5453, D6667, D7183, D7551, D4629, D5176, D6069, D7184, D4929, D5808, D7457, D3120, D3246.

UOP 987-11, 988-11, 981-10, 910-07, 779-08

Measuring range UVFL- Sulfur: 0.02 – 10000µg/ml

CLD-Nitrogen: non-aqueous: 0.03-10,000µg/ml

CLD-Nitrogen: aqueous: 0.01-5,000µg/ml

Coulometry Chlorine: 0.01-500µg (0.1-1,000µg/ml)

Coulometry Sulfur: 0.02-50µg (aqueous: max. 100µl)

Gas Argon/ Oxygen (special version possible for alternative inert gas)
Electrical specifications 100-240VAC (50/60Hz)
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