CA-200 Karl-Fisher-Titrator

The CA-200 Karl-Fisher-Titrator provides a flexible and highly accurate solution for moisture measurement in compliance with international standards. Main features are:

Technical Specifications

Test Method ASTM D890, D1159,D1364,D1492,D1533, D1533,D2710,D3401,D4017, D4377,D4928,D5530,D6304,D6869,D7375,E1064,E203
Measurement range 10μg to 100mgH2O
Electrical specifications AC100/120V  (50/60Hz) 80VA AC220/240V  (50/60Hz) 310VA
Dimension Main unit: 330 x320 x 148 mm

Stirrer: 120 x 180 x 148 mm

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