AFIDA – Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyser

AFIDA is a revolutionary development providing you with a fully automated way of determining Indicated Cetane Number (ICN) of diesel and diesel related fuels. The AFIDA can analyse multiple samples in sequence and selects the samples using the 36-place autosampler. Only a small sample volume of 40 ml is required per test with a short analysis time of approximately 25 minutes.

  • Specifications
  • Test Methods
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  • Fully automated measurement – minimal operator time and skill
  • Fixed test temperature - no ‘tuning’ is needed
  • Reports Indicated Cetane Number (ICN) - not DCN
  • Integral 36 place carousel and auto sampler
  • Small 40 ml sample volume (including flushing)
  • Short analysis time, 25 minutes
  • No specialist gas or air required
  • Low running cost – single gas supply combustion air
  • Direct comparison to Cetane Engine (ASTM D613)
  • IP 617; EN 17155; ASTM D8183 (AFIDA) contains a statement reporting no bias to ASTM D613
  • Conformity to ASTM D975-18a
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