DVLS DHA Analyzers

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers various automated solutions for a Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) to determine the individual hydrocarbon components in light petroleum streams such as naphtha, reformate and gasoline.

  • High Quality GC Hardware - All DHA Analyzers are based upon the Agilent GC configured with dedicated columns, injection ports and detectors.
  • ASTM Compliance - The DHA analyzers comply with the ASTM test methods D5134, D6729, D6730, D6733 and D7900 to determine hydrocarbons and oxygenates in light petroleum streams.
  • Proven software platform - The analyzers include the PetroReporter software for data processing and reporting of the properties of petroleum streams. PetroReporter is successfully used by a global installed base of leading oil refineries.
  • Universal setup - Analyst could also use PetroReporter to process and report data for SimDist, FAME and Gas Calculation applications in addition to DHA. They can use the universal software for various applications.
  • High level of Automation - PetroReporter automates the settings per sample type to provide a correct sample identification. User-friendly editors can be used to customize your settings.
  • Accurate characterization of crude oils - To improve the boiling point characterization of crude oils the DVLS PetroReporter merges High Temp SimDist with the DHA data.
  • Application Guarantee - Each analyzer is tested according to the in-house testing procedures to check the system performance and to verify the analyzer specification by a reference sample test. Factory Acceptance Test will be scheduled upon request.
  • ASTM D5134 , D6729, D6730, D6733, D7900
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