DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector

The Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI)  has been standardized as ASTM D7756 and EN 16423 for the analysis of residues in liquefied petroleum gases by gas chromatography. Adapting the hardware setup allows to extend the analysis of oily residues in LPG to a wider application range.

  • Safe injection of liquefied gases: The direct injection approach of the LGI is based on a proven fuel direct injection technique used by the automotive industry which eliminates the need for sample evaporation
  • Representative sampling: The pressure station ensures that the sample remains in the liquid phase during the injection process
  • Wide application range: The LGI determines hydrocarbon composition, impurities, contaminants and sulfur compounds in liquefied gases.
  • Proven technology: Since its introduction in 2010 the LGI has been successfully used by a global installed base of leading oil refineries.
  • Accurate and fast performance: Several case studies demonstrate an excellent and fast performance of the LGI
  • ASTM D7756, EN 16423 (Oily residues and light contaminants in LPG)
  • ASTM D 2163, ISO 7941 (Hydrocarbon composition of LPG)
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