Eco-Efficient Oil-in-Water Testing ERACHECK ECO combines the inherent advantages of IR methods, like high speed and sub-ppm precision with the use of the CFC-free and low-cost extraction solvent cyclohexane. ERACHECK ECO is the only analyzer on the market being fully compliant with the latest standard ASTM D8193.

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  • Applications: TOG (Total Oil and Grease) and TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon)
  • Measurement Range: ASTM D8193: 0-1000 mg/L oil-in-water (900:50 mL H2O:Solvent)
  • Measurement Range: Up to 18 000 mg/L oil-in-water (50:50 mL H2O:Solvent)
  • Measurement Range: Up to 36 000 mg/kg oil-in-soil (20 g:40 mL Soil:Solvent)
  • ASTM D8193
  • Infrared spectroscopy: ASTM D7678, ASTM D3921, D7066; DIN 38409-H18; OSPAR IR method; IP426
  • Gas chromatography: ISO 9377-2, ISO 9377-2 (mod) OSPAR, ISO 16703; MADEP-EPH; EN 14039
  • Gravimetry: EPA 1664, EPA 9071; ASTM D4281; ISO 9377-1
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