ERAOIL is the first and most advanced stand-alone rotating disc electrode spectrometer analyzing wear metals, additives, and contaminants in all kinds of operating liquids, like lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, process water, etc. Up to 32 elements are measured fully automatically within 30 seconds. ERAOIL’s high-end CMOS detector in combination with the automatic background correction allow for a sub-ppm detection limit (LOD) for most elements.

  • Spectrometer Type: Rotating Disc Electrode Spectrometer (190 - 810nm) Thermally stabilized Paschen-Runge mounting with CMOS detectors
  • Analytical Range: Simultaneous measurement of up to 32 elements in 30 seconds with a sub-ppm detection limit (LOD) for most elements incl. automatic background correction
  • Sample Volume: 2 mL; no solvents, reagents or gases are needed, no cleaning of cell window
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated for 26 elements
  • Dimension & Weight: 36 x 66 x 69 cm x 85 kg
  • ASTM D6595 , ASTM D6595
  • Correlation to ASTM D5185 (ICP-AES)
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