FORZA Heated Tube Oxidation Diesel

  • Date: November 05, 2020
  • Categoty: Oxidation

FORZA Heated Tube Apparatus also have the option of Mass Flow Controller arrangement along with the traditional float in tube flowmeter(Rotameter).Rotameters are typically affected by upstream and downstream pressure changes and will need tweaking almost once a day to maintain proper flow during along-term test. But the Mass Flow Controller(MFC) will provide a rock steady flowrate all time. Individual Tube heater Apparatus eliminate the need for expensive and hazardous bath mediums,which benefits laboratory safety, health, environmental, and maintenance issues plus tighter temperature stability, and the ability to operate each test position individually and at same
temperature as well as different temperature as desired by the client which saves energy.

  • Specifications
  • Methods
  • In Action
  • Digital indicating PID temperature control maintains +/- 0.1C stability.
  • Temperature: 40 to 350C.
  • Supplied with flowmeter-rotameter (or) Mass flow controller (MFC) for each test position.
  • Over temperature safety cut off.
  • Each position have independent heaters, sensors, special insulation, temperature control and high temperature safety cut=off.
  • Unit is designed to operate all position at same temperature or at different temperature as desired by the client with specific attention to be able to maintain large differential temperatures position to position.
  • When position are unused they may be set to low temperature to save energy.
  • Available Test Method: ASTM D943, D2893,D2274,D4871,D4636,D5846,D6594,D4310,DKA A&B – CEC L 48 Oxidation: ATF and Gear Oil Testing, S200 Oxidation: For Lubricants / Engine Oil
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