MPC-6 Automatic Sampler

For Productivity, efficiency and shorter analysis time, with the unique slim design of TANAKA MPC-6 and very small footprint, Tanaka is connecting Multiple units to each other to work as Automatic sampler but with much higher efficiency than any other available Auto sampler unit in the Market, Tanaka Dual sample Automatic unit determines 2 samples simultaneously in <25 minutes (i.e. analysis per one sample is ~ 12.5 minutes only ), these 2 samples might be similar sample type or 2different sample types and you could apply different pressure mode or similar pressure mode depends on your sample type. Such simultaneous analysis approach is unique and keep Tanaka MPC-6 units ahead of any other automatic Pour / Cloud point exists available in the Market. Our Dual Automatic Sample analysis unit has the same features and specifications of the MASTER MPC-6 unit: these 2-MPC-6 units could be disconnected at any time to be used as 2-Different Instruments at 2-different locations or stay connected, customer preference

  • Specifications
  • Test Methods
  • In Action
  • Measurement Range: -80°C to +51°C (in ambient environment)
  • Bath Temperature Range: -90°C to +80°C (in ambient environment)
  • Specimen Volume: 4.5 mL
  • Automated sample capacity: Autosampler or more position (Customized)
  • Measurement Modes: PP Pressure: L, V, VH,UH, Special, Custom PP Intervals: 1.0°C , 2.5°C. 3.0 °C , Custom CP Intervals: 0.1°C, 1.0 °
  • Power Requirements: AC 100V to 240V, 600 VA, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions / Weight: 160 x 600 x 620 mm / approx.. 30 kg
  • Available Test Methods: PP: ASTM D6749 CP: ASTM D7683
  • Reference Method: PP: ASTM D97, ISO 3016 CP: ASTM D2500, ISO 3015
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