PFXi-195 Series

The PFXi series of spectrophotometric colorimeters introduces a unique concept in liquid colour control: RCMSi technology. You can benefit from the capability for remote calibration and servicing via the internet – saving the cost and time associated with servicing and guaranteeing compliance with standards.

The PFXi range is supplied with a full range of colour scales for specific markets including, but not limited to, Petroleum, Edible Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Brewing and Honey. Users can upgrade scales remotely at any time.

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  • Colour Type: Transparent
  • Display: 240 x 128, back-lit graphic display, (white on blue)
  • Path Length: 0.1 – 50 mm
  • Measuring Geometrics: 0° – 180° Transmission
  • Interfaces: USB RS 232 Ethernet
  • Detector: blue enhanced photodiode
  • Measuring Principle: 9 interference filters
  • Measurement Time: less than 30 seconds
  • Sample Chamber: max 50mm cells
  • Spectral Range: 420 – 710 nm
  • Available Test Methods: ASTM D156 ASTM D1209 ASTM D1500 ASTM D6045 ASTM E308 ISO 2049 ISO 6271
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