Seta Oil Test Centrifuge – 6 place

The Seta Oil Test Centrifuge is a heated chamber centrifuge used to determine water and sediment in oils. The large diameter chamber, with six place rotor and cushioned adaptors allows the use of 6 and 8 inch conical, pear-shaped, trace sediment and 12.5 ml tubes.

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  • Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF): 2210g
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Temperature Range: ambient +5°C in the 20 to 80°C ±1°C
  • Timer Range: 10 seconds to 1 hour (10 second steps) or Continuous operation
  • Control: Microprocessor with 99 memory capacity
  • Capacity: 6 Samples
  • Voltage range: 230 V, 50/60 Hz (Optional transformer for 110/120V)
  • Available Test Methods ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D2273, ASTM D2709, ASTM D2711, ASTM D4007, ASTM D893, ASTM D91, ISO 3734, ISO 9030
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