Thermalox TOC-TN

  • Date: October 11, 2020
  • Categoty: TOC

The modern alternative to COD and TKN.

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  • Analyte: TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC, POC with options for measuring TN and TP
  • Applications: Drinking water, cleaning validation ground water, surface water, saline, sea waters, domestic, and industrial wastewater
  • Method: Total substance: Thermal catalytic oxidation at up to 1,000ºC . Inorganic substance: acid stripping or injection into low temperature acid reactor (120ºC)
  • Range: Carbon: Various from 0 to 200 µg/ l up to 50,000 mg/l C and from 0 to 100 µg/l to200mg/l for nitrogen
  • Cycle time: Typically 120 – 180 seconds
  • Precision: Coefficients of variation typically: ≤ 2 % of full scale for calibrated ranges with homogenous samples
  • Sample matrix: Aqueous samples including those containing suspended solids and salts. Acids, slurries, sludges and organics by special application. A solids option is available
  • Injection volume: 3 to 350 µl .
  • Sample injection: Automatically using an autosampler , or manually
  • Available Test Methods: BS and DIN EN 1484 of 1997; ISO 8245, AOAC973.47, Standard Methods 5310B, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods 415.1, EPA SW-846 Method 9060A, ASTM D2579 85. TN according to DIN38409 part 27, ENV 122 60 and ISO/TR11905-2
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