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Petro Tech, as a leading supplier of petroleum testing equipment pays high attention to different aftermarket aspects. Spare parts & consumables is just ONE of the critical operational tools for successful laboratory running with insignificant breakdown time as not all customers maintain an ideal level of spare parts inventory.

Petro Tech keeps reasonable quantities of fast moving spare parts and consumables inventory items of our supplied equipment as STOCK available to deliver to our customers in a very short time. You just need to initiate your request, get your PO approved and we shall be able to deliver most of the parts in 2-4 weeks, unless it isn’t a shelf item.

We also assist our customers by estimating their annual requirements of parts & consumables by discussing their sample analysis load and frequency. Then we define approximate necessary parts and keep it in our stock under every client’s account name.

With our express delivery service of spare parts & consumables, we contribute in our customers success by minimizing their instruments breakdown time to the minimum and getting it up and running to keep our customer’s satisfaction to the maximum.

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Petro Tech team will always feel happy to assist you.