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The AFIDA (Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyzer) enables the fully automated determination of the ignitability of liquid fuels. Under standard conditions (IP 617, EN 17155) the indicated cetane numbers (ICN) of substances can be measured in a wide range from ICN 35 to ICN 85. The measurement result correlates perfectly with the cetane number determined on the test engine according to ISO 5165.

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  • Option 1: Fully Automated Measurement Process with access to the following parameters. Chamber temperature 200- 730 C Chamber pressure 5 – 50 Bar Fuel Injection Pressure 200 – 1200 Bar Multi-injection with up to 4 single injection
  • Option 2: Constant Ignition Delay (Combustion Chamber Temperature and Pressure are adapted Automatically until the desired set ignition delay time is reached.
  • Option 3: Gas Mixing Unit 2 user defined gases can be combined at arbitrary mixing ratios to charge the combustion chamber.
  • Option 4: Exhaust Gas Interface The exhaust gas is directed via an orifice and heated tube to exhaust gas analyzer (NOT Included) the pressure in the exhaust line is controlled via pressure regulator.
  • Option 5: Sample Heating The Fuel Vials can be heated up to approx./ 100 C (e.g. plant Oil) Only in combination with a 16 Position Auto sampler shop air is required.
  • Option 6: GDI Gasoline Injector (Only in Combination with Option 7) A GDI Injector can be mounted on the combustion chamber instead of the Piezo electric diesel Injector, Fuel Pressure will be reduced during GDI Operation
  • Option 7: Pressure Purging NOT in Combination with Option 5 The Fuel Vials will be pressurized with inert gas to reduce boiling of Gasoline type fuels and to enhance the purging process inert gas is required.
  • Option 8: Gasoline Combustion Chamber Separate Combustion chamber with smaller inside volume to reduce Global air-fuel-ratio during operation with Gasoline Injectors.
  • Available Test Methods: “ASTM D8183; IP 617; EN 17155 Correlates with ASTM D613; EN ISO 5165 & DIN 51773”
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