Automatic Organic Halogen Analyzer AOX-400

  • Date: November 27, 2023
  • Categoty: AOX

The AOX-400 is a modular Adsorbable Organic Halide / extractable organic halide measuring system which can be adapted to the requirements of any laboratory.

  • Sample Forms: Solid (AOX: activated carbon adsorbed liquid sample, Liquid (EOX: extraction solution)
  • Analysis method: Oxidative pyrolysis / Coulometry
  • Furnace Temperature: 300- 1000C (Regular use: 950C)
  • Sample introduction: AOX: extrusion of activated carbon adsorbed sample (column method) Drop frit with activated carbon adsorbed sample (shaking method) EOX: Direct injection by syringe
  • Measurement Range: Total organic halogen: 0.1 to 50ug
  • Sample volume: AOX sample: 50 mg or less, EOX sample: 200ul or less
  • Measurement time: within 10 minutes/measurement (at 2ug sample measurement
  • Column method: total organic halogens (TOX) in water can be measured by American EPA official method (9020A) or ISO official method (9562) or DIN EN 1485 with Total Organic Halogen Adsorption Unit TXA-04
  • Batch method: organic halogens (AOX) in sludge and sediment can be measured by DIN official method (38414-Part 18) with Activated Carbon Adsorption Unit Model SA-200
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