Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) offers an automated gas solution to characterize the composition of refinery gases and liquefied gases under pressure such as LPG in 5 minutes. Next to determining the hydrocarbon content, permanent gases and hydrogen sulfide the RGA also reports calculation parameters such as Calorific and BTU Value.

  • High Quality GC Hardware - The Refinery Gas Analyzer is based upon the flexible, reliable Agilent 8890 GC configured with dedicated columns, valves, inlet and detectors.
  • Fast analysis of refinery gases - The multi-channel configuration allows to inject the gas samples into the separate channels at the same time. All channels operate simultaneously to provide a fast gas analysis in less than 5 minutes.
  • Maximum System Uptime - The unique hardware design of the side carrier reduces the system downtime during the periodical regeneration of the separation columns
  • Representative Injection of Liquefied Gases - Add a DVLS Pressure Station, GSV and/or LSV to the RGA to allow a representative injection of liquefied gases such as LPG.
  • Standard Methods Compliance - The Gas Analyzers comply with the various standard test methods to determine the composition of the refinery & liquefied gases and to report the gas calculations
  • Automated Reporting of Gas Calculations - The analyzers include the PetroReporter software for data processing and reporting of the gas calculations. Examples of the included calculations are Liquid Volume, Molar Weight, Real Specific Gravity, CV, BTU etc
  • Application Guarantee - Each analyzer is tested according to the in-house testing procedures to check the system performance and to verify the analyzer specification by a reference sample test. Factory Acceptance Test will be scheduled upon request.
  • ASTM D1946, D2163, D2504, D2593, D4424, D7833
  • DIN51666
  • EN 15984
  • UOP539, UOP603
  • ASTM D2163, D2593, D4424
  • IP 405
  • ISO 7941, EN27941
  • ASTM D2598, D3588
  • EN 589
  • ISO 8973
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