Automatic Atmospheric Distillation

STARDist offers unique features unseen in any other instrument, such as: Optical Dry Point Testing,
PreScan for vol. & temp. normalizing, VOC Cold Trap for loss reduction and efficient condenser cooling.

  • User interface: iPad with STARDist app software. Available in App Store. App & updates are free of charge.
  • Heating control: Smart multiparameter-based algorithm calculates and applies the required heater settings for IBP, FBP and (4-5 ml p/min.) speed control in real-time. Suitable for unknown samples and/or complicated blends such as E20. Speed control range: 2-11 ml p/min.
  • Heating system: Low mass/low voltage heater. 2 user adjustable fans for extra fast cooling after test. Automatic heater lift with correct flask pressure & positioning. Automatic shut-off in case of fire.
  • Vapor temperature measurement: PT-100 class A probe with 10-point calibration data storage and automatic probe ID detection. Calibration certificate standard supplied. True dynamic simulation of ASTM 7 & 8 in-glass thermometer behavior (lag time and emergent stem). Range: 0 – 450°C ASTM / 0 – 500°C absolute. Units: ºC, ºF.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 40 x 40 x 63cm (WxDxH) & 40 kg
  • ASTM D86, D1078, D850, E123, IP195, DIN51751, ISO 3405, GOST 2177, JIS K2254.
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